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    Toronto Change Management Consulting
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    Change management consulting, facilitation and training in Toronto

    Betternxt: The Better the Better
    We work with teams and organizations across many industries to consult, facilitate and train clients who are stuck and need to make progress with stakeholder dialogue, business planning, customer strategy, innovation, leadership training, collaboration and management skills.


    How do you get unstuck? We use a powerful approach to team and organization change management, business planning, stakeholder consultation, customer co-creation, (B2B and B2C), leadership training, development and collaboration. It’s called Solution Focus and it helps clients have better and more purposeful conversations. A solution focus facilitation is conducted according to the belief that the quickest and most direct path to progress (e.g., the new marketing plan, the new value proposition, the new customer strategy, etc.), and the path that has the greatest promise for sustainable change (e.g., more collaboration, less conflict, greater innovation, better communications) lies in activating, engaging and optimizing the client’s existing strengths, resources and expertise. Our clients are experts in that and in their business and their content; we’re experts in the consulting and facilitating process.

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    So, the change you seek in your project happens as soon as we ask the Betternxt Better Questions. We frame our Solution Focus expertise (that’s our SME) as the Betternxt ‘BQ’ change approach – Better Questions. Think of it as corporate coaching on steroids. Coaching the organization, not individuals! Because we ask Better Questions you get better outcomes for the issue you want to be better – business planning, leadership, change management, and so on. The Better Questions that you answer give you ownership of the change process (its your change after all!) and as you develop your solutions you start to take action on them. With Better Questions you see the change start to happen. You won’t be waiting for the consultant’s deck (which you suspect will gather more dust than action!).

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