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    We’ve worked together for about ten years. We sometimes finish each other’s sentences. And, we’re different.
    The result is the Better Questions you get asked.

    Alan Kay

    Change Management Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer - Toronto

    “Better call Alan.” More than a few organizations approached me after being given that advice. I guess I have a reputation. That “better call Alan” phrase is code for “we’re stuck and we’ve tried all the conventional approaches.” Turns out, what was lacking with all the usual consultants out there was just a conversation – a better conversation. That’s our emphasis as solution focused consultants in change management – using the narrative of strategic planning, stakeholder consultations, facilitation, leadership training and other forms of interaction to help you make much needed change.

    My Glasgow Group clients cover a broad range of sectors including financial services, industrial, consumer goods, non-profit, social service, media and education – in Canada, the US, UK and Europe. My work has been featured in a variety of books and journals. Board work has given me great joy with not-for-profit organizations. I’ve also taught executive development students at the Schulich School of Business Executive Education Centre at York University and the Canadian Marketing Association.

    And I’m the author of two provocatively titled books, Fry the Monkeys, Create a Solution, and Monkey-Free Meetings. I even speak Glaswegian!

    Richard Toker

    Marketing Change Management Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer - Toronto

    Alan and I clicked together from day one. The energy and passion we share is contagious. We know when to listen and when to talk. And we know the quality of a change management solution is dependent on the quality of the relationship and on mutual trust. That demands a personal commitment, which is something that people who work with me have come to expect. In my collaborations with Alan, I’m integrating my expertise gained as an independent marketing consultant, facilitator and trainer into a methodology derived originally from a form of family therapy called solution focus. It’s focused on changing the here and now, not spending hours navel-gazing about causes and philosophies. It’s all about making a positive connection. I’ve done it for years, and now I’m doing in a new way with Alan and with our clients.

    I have worked more than 30 years in advertising and marketing, including tenure as a Marketing Director at Rogers Communications. Since opening my own practice in 2008 — Rich Content Marketing Communications — I have worked with a diverse range of clients in food services, technology, financial services, telecom and not-for-profit sectors. As an educator, I’ve been a member of the CMA Education Committee (currently Chair), have developed content for and have taught the Direct Marketing Certificate, Project Management for Marketers, and Developing the Marketing Plan ; I’ve taught the CAAP program at the Institute of Communication Agencies for more than 20 years, and at the Schulich School of Business Executive Education Centre at York University. As a marketing leadership development facilitator, I’ve worked with Amex, CAA, Capital One, CBC, Chase Card Services, CIBC, Enbridge, MBNA, Public Health Ontario, Shaw and TELUS.

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