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    Change Management & Strategic Business Planning

    Consulting, facilitating & training in Toronto

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    Our services fall under the banner of change management consulting and facilitation; that covers so much and so little. In plainer terms, our clients often think they are stuck — some in ‘crisis’ — and imagine they don’t know what to do. We help them ask better questions. Their past, present and future conversations change dramatically. They move to where they want to get to and discover how effective they are at making progress. They are or become the experts in their own solutions which include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Organizational change management strategy and facilitation
    • Stakeholder dialogue and consultation
    • Customer co-creation
    • Creative problem solving
    • Performance enhancement: marketing, sales, customer service
    • Business strategy and planning
    • Marketing strategy and planning


    Our Book on Change
    alan kay change management toronto

    We call it the Solution Facilitator’s Handbook. The unusual title comes from a classic Harvard Business Review article, ‘Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey?’ And it’s more recent iteration by Steven R Covey, HBR. Our book gives you a brief understanding of Solution Focus and some tools to make life for your people much more productive. Fry the Monkeys – Create a Solution, by Alan Kay.

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