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    Leadership & Management Training in Toronto

    Learn to become a solutions builder in your organization: improve teamwork and collaboration

    The Betternxt Manager’s Solutions Focus Tool Kit: A One-Day Leadership Workshop

    2017 Open-enrollment workshops in Toronto:

    Location: CSI Annex, Toronto
    Call or email to inquire about dates

    Ask us about closed enrollment workshops for your organization.

    leadership training toronto

    Improve your management and leadership skills

    Shrinking organizational budgets impact your learning and development. Yet despite this, there’s no shortage of demand for you to successfully handle an increasing workload of both projects and people.

    This stimulating 1-day leadership workshop is for managers who are keen to develop their professional skills by identifying and exploring the use of better questions that lead to better conversations within a team and across teams.

    You will develop your ability to help people identify and articulate their own solutions within both one-on-one conversations and in a team context and apply the approach in everyday work and practices such as project planning, project management, etc.

    “Highly recommend the Solutions Focus workshop for its creative and highly applicable approach. I used the workshop material within days of attending and saw an immediate return on investment and improvement in solution creation. And you will enjoy Richard and Alan, they are very good at this.”
    David Edward, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Strategic Initiatives Group

    Learn how to help a team:

    • Re-author what future solutions should look like and clarify the details of what’s actually wanted
    • Move beyond discussing the team/project problem to clarify it, but not enter into it
    • Become unstuck from the problem and able to reframe their narrative
    • Recognize what’s already working and the resources present to move forward
    • Identify the degree to which people are ready to change and overcome everyday obstacles
    • Gain confidence in making decisions about how to move forward
    leadership training toronto
    leadership training toronto

    Who are You?

    You have some or lots of team management and leadership opportunities within a medium or large organization (business, institutional, not-for-profit, government, etc.). You have a minimum of 5 years business experience, ideally more. You have an established skillset, e.g. project or marketing management, etc. and you’re keen to broaden your capabilities. You want to better manage people and teams, not just projects. You want to be more effective in getting people/teams to move forward and to be seen leading change. You value the coaching relationship: you want to be coached and you want to coach your team. You recognize that you must be the author of your own leadership success and you’re keen to engage in the kind of DIY career development opportunity that could help get you to the next level — whether it’s within or outside of your organization. You are open-minded to dynamic new training and educational approaches that are counterintuitive to the norm, as long as they lead to better outcomes for you.

    What can you expect from this 1-day workshop?

    • Learn the background and context of Solution Focus (SF) as well as examples of successful SF applications among teams and individuals — the outcomes!
    • Experience several SF approaches and learn SF tools that you can apply right away to your personal work situation
    • Explore the long-term benefits of leveraging a SF skill set
    • Self-assess current skills and develop goals for growth — immediate and long-term
    • Engage with other Betternxt learners and engage in optional post-workshop buddy work
    “You’re reading this because you’re considering taking this workshop. You may have taken other courses using other leadership methodologies before. This one is very different. I guarantee that you’ll have many “a-ha” moments throughout the day, and end up astounded at the variety of tools you’ll have acquired that you can actually apply immediately. I’ve experienced this, and others I have recommended the Betternxt program to would all agree. This is a different type of leadership strategy, and it will make a positive difference in your leadership approach.”
    Dusanka Pavlica, Executive Director, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR)
    solution focus training toronto

    Workshop Dates & Details

    2017 Dates TBD
    All workshops at Centre for Social Innovation, Annex, Toronto

    Price: Early bird price (15+ days prior to workshop) $349; Regular price $399
    Limited size — maximum 16 spots

    Call for more information on open-enrolment workshops or customized workshops for your organization.

    change management training toronto alan kay

    All workshop participants receive a free copy of Alan Kay’s books, Fry the Monkeys, Create a Solution, and Monkey-Free Meetings.

    To register for an upcoming workshop email us at

    “The Betternxt program delivers high quality learning in a very engaged and interactive environment. Improving your interactions with team-members, superiors, partners and your network is a life-long process, which can often be overlooked. Betternxt takes concepts rooted in family therapy to create their unique Solution Focus approach which is a fresh and powerful way to improve decision making, conflict resolution, innovation development, as well as day-to-day interactions. Led by hands-on experienced practitioners, the Betternxt program provides you tools and techniques that can be applied immediately, which is the hallmark of a quality program. I highly recommend the Betternxt program for executives and managers looking to take their career to the next level.”
    Alexis Zamkow, Director, Innovation and Digital Services, Capgemini
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