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    Many roundtables, much learning

    Many roundtables, much learning

    We’ve conducted a number of breakfast roundtables over the past few months…many thanks to those of you who attended one!

    Professionals from all walks of life have joined our “kitchen table” sessions to share perspectives on the challenges of management, on how to be an expert in our role, plus manage, lead and be listened to by other leaders, managers and staff. We shared our Betternxt concept for how Solution Focus could help individuals and organizations do this and  got lots of valuable feedback on how people like to learn and how they might see these tools being useful to them.

    Here are some highlights…

    • Everybody loves a kitchen table conversation, as opposed to a more traditional focus group. If you’re not familiar with the “formal” concept of the kitchen table conversation, watch Alan Kay’s interview with Rick Wolfe of PostStone, who originated the practice.
    • People are risky! Our role as managers is to determine how to handle the risk
    • Workers want to feel “looked after” by HR and by management in general
    • We must strive to lead people, not projects
    • A manager’s role is to bring the team back to reality in the face of outrageous challenges
    • Its getting harder and harder for managers to determine where the levers are

    And, here’s some of the learning we took away about the role Solution Focus can play through Betternxt:

    • “On demand” learning is where its at, which means customization and personalization are critical
    • “If I’m going to attend a session, make it something I can’t download or watch online for free”
    • Make it an unseminar or untraining, otherwise its the same as all the other training sessions that are marketed to me inside my own organization
    • Coaching is critcal; the more the better

    We’re taking all of this into consideration as we continue to “workshop” the Betternxt training and coaching model. Thanks again to all who attended.


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    Richard Toker

    Betternxt Academy