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    The Art of the Better Question

    The Art of the Better Question

    Solution Focus coaching springs from the idea that any person seeking clarity about their workplace issues already possesses the answers — they just need to dig a little deeper. Effective Solution Focus coaching involves the use of ‘direct’ questions to unearth the answers. These questions are often referred to as ‘better’ because they are a series of familiar questions posed in a fresh way.

    So just what exactly is a ‘better’ question? Let’s compare the following seemingly similar questions to examine the differences between an ordinary question and a better question:

    1) What prevents you from achieving your business goal?
    2) What steps need to occur to get you there?

    Can you spot the better question? If you chose number two, you’re correct. Number one, though a familiar question, does not direct anyone to look for a solution to their issue. Instead this question directs the person to focus on the obstacle they are dealing with. Though identifying and fixating on their problem may seem important and even necessary, it is actually a red herring in the process of making positive change. Rather than focusing on the nature of the roadblock the person is facing, Solution Focus coaching demonstrates that it is far more productive for that person to focus on the ways to move past the blockage which they may have already determined.

    Only your colleagues truly know how your business is doing and what improvements you should put in place for the future. Most important, only your team knows how that change can be made. You are the expert in your business, the solution focus coach is not. Rather than inventing solutions that may be misguided, Solution Focus coaching is designed to guide you towards determining your own resolutions to the problems you face. The better question leads to the best answer.

    Solution Focus Coaches spend years training to ask ‘better’ questions in order to enable you and your team to find your own ideal solutions to the problems you face. You have the answers, we can help you find them.
    Interested in solution focus for your business? Contact us today for an assessment.

    A Testimonial from One of Our Clients:

    Alan has helped us transform our organization. He is an outstanding teacher, facilitator and coach.”
    ~ Margaret Eaton, Executive Director at TRIEC Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council


    Ask better questions,

    Richard and Alan



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