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    Un-Teambuilding Change

    Consulting, facilitating and training for senior teams…the betterway!
    You’re a senior executive leading a team. You’re faced with yet another change initiative or perhaps it just annual strategic planning time, or you need to brainstorm a new solution.

    You believe in the old Eisenhower line “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” You’d love to spend a pile of time with your team just planning. However, with so much on your plate and a lot of pressure from above, you have so little time for the planning, let alone locking down a whole change plan.

    “Point at solutions instead of at each other.”
    – Jeffrey Pfeffer

    You’d like to outsource it to someone you can trust, who you can brief it in one conversation — without an RFP or help from HR or Procurement, thank you very much. Someone who can work with your team to help get them ready themselves for whatever organizational change or improvement that’s wanted, and nudge them on their way to better accountability for the results.

    Betternxt offers a unique process to do what team-building exercises and off-sites are supposed to do: get the team working together better. We’re glad traditional team-building exercises are out of fashion. Oh, we like rope-climbing and golf, but that’s not what makes teams collaborate better. What gets teams working better together is learning how to have better conversations. Better conversations leads to better collaboration, which leads to better action and results for teams and organizations dealing with change, and dealing with how to improve their approach to change.

    • Strategic planning
    • Business strategy and planning
    • Marketing strategy and planning
    • Digital strategy
    • Behavioural change strategy and implementation
    • Organizational de-siloing and silo alignment
    • Stakeholder dialogue and consultation
    • Customer co-creation
    • Innovation and applied creativity
    • Performance enhancement planning: marketing, sales, customer service


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